NCSF and ACE certified

About  dimitry

In 2006, I left my life of television and comedy for a fitness coaching career. Inspired by the slogan, Army Strong, I created the term, "Jersey-Strong", which has become a household name that spawned numerous imitations all over the country. THE JERSEY TRAINER LLC was a vision to offer clients MORE than just a personal trainer...a fitness service unlike anything out there.

My clients don't hire me to just stand there and count reps for them. I create a personalized workout that changes every session depending what your goals are. If you've been struggling with your eating habits, we will break that cycle together.

Over the years i have worked with hundreds of clients. Some of my experience includes:

  • Doctors and health care providers
  • Busy CEO's
  • Children and young adults with special needs
  • Working and stay at home moms
  • Athletes
  • Group classes for children and adults
  • Seniors 
  • Knee and hip replacements
  • Back pain 
  • Parkinson's Disease and Multiple Sclerosis 
  • Skype sessions 

I am recommended  by general practitioners, cardiologists, chiropractors, and nutritionists all over NJ.